There are multiple ways you can contribute to saving the planet and remedying the environmental degradation that is currently plaguing the world. One of such ways is by attending environmental events in your community. Most times, the primary cause of environmental degradation is lack of awareness about the effects of our actions, especially the long term impacts and how these simple acts such as not recycling plastic materials, improper disposal of waste products, etc. can affect future generations. The only way to make people responsible is by proper awareness of the impacts of their acts. Beyond the talk of climate change and global warming which most people may not be able to relate with at first, there is need to simplify the effects of every environmentally degrading and polluting act, so people will know their actions have consequences. Instead of speaking about global warming and climate change, the direct example of what climate change causes such as irregularity in rainfalls should be what people are exposed to that way everyone will know that when rain doesn’t fall at the right time, they are partially responsible for it.

The only way to achieve this level of awareness is through events. By attending events, you will understand all the environmental concepts better and know the role you can play in combating pollution and saving the environment in your small capacity. Information is power, and one of the ways to get all the information you need and act with such information is by attending various environmental events in your community. When you have the right information, you can move others to do the right thing too. The essential thing in the fight to save the environment is the conviction that whatever you do matters and that the more people that do the right thing, the higher our fighting chance of reclaiming the environment.

While most people are okay with leaving everything to the government believing in the government capacity to deal with any problem most efficiently since it has the monopoly of resources for such tasks, environmental issues are nothing like that. It is not the government problem or some people problem; it is everyone’s problem and requires everyone working on it to make a real change. Even if the government should allocate all its resources to saving the environment, without the involvement of the people, nothing will be achieved. This is because environmental problems are not just about policies; they are social and behaviour problems that takes a shift in people’s behaviour to correct. This is why you must get involved.

You can do this through various events organised by environmental and community organisations. Environment Writer also organises various environmental events for awareness and fundraising, and you can support our work by attending these events.

While some are social events used for fundraising, others are physical exercises such as clean-ups, awareness campaigns, etc. They all have one objective – the betterment of the environment. Attend our event today to support us.