Environmental pollution and degradation is a global problem, and Australia is not free from the massive impacts of this problem. Our mandate is to create enough awareness about environmental issues so that every Australian can realise that this is something that concerns them. Everyone will know that they are stakeholders in this universal effort to create a sustainable environment and a future that unborn generations can count on. Environment Writer is powered by the people, who understand our goal and have committed their resources to it. With thousands of resources available on our website for everyone concerned about the environment, functioning requires funding which we get through various means.

  • Subscriptions: We offer an extensive collection of resources on natural resources and environment to researchers, journalists, students, schools of journalism, and other professionals and individuals with interest in environmental issues. While a sizable part of our resources is available free of charge, we offer premium subscription packages to individuals and organisation who want complete access to all our resources. This funds generated from the subscriptions are used to further our environmental causes and improve our platform so you can always have more straightforward and better interactions and content each time.
  • Partnership: we enter into a partnership with organisations who have similar goals with ours so that we can have access to more resources and expand our reach in a bid to achieve our goals. Partners include nongovernmental organisations focused on the environment, civil societies, academic organisation, governmental agencies, and many others. Through these partnerships, we have been able to connect with a much wider audience and have access to more resources for our database.
  • Donations: While we generate funds on our own, the truth is the size of the project we are undertaking make it is quite capital intensive. Our project is all about creating that database on environmental issues where you can find all that you need in on the environment. Our goal is to create a web-based global library for environmental topics where you can find textbooks, articles, journals, and all forms of publications that you need for any research on environmental and natural resources topics. This means there is a need for constant maintenance and update of the website to effectively handle the resources on it and deliver the right results to you every time. We welcome donations in various forms from individuals and organisations who appreciate our works and want to be part of this noble cause as well. Our donors play a major role in helping us to keep our dream alive and achieve our goals. Over the years, their philanthropy has ensured that we provide the quality services and also organise many other programs as part of our efforts to ensure that every Australian is aware of the significance of environmental problems and how they can change many things with collective action in their homes and community.

You too, can become one of our donors and play a big role in helping us fund our work.

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