Saving the planet requires universal and deliberate effort. Many people are making conscious decisions and spearheading movements dedicated to protecting the environment, while you may not feel like starting a movement yourself, you can do other things. Perhaps you have already made lifestyle choices that reflect your decision to help save the environment, and you want to do more, the easiest way to do that is by volunteering.

Volunteering has many advantages for you beyond the fact that you will be helping to save the environment. It gives you the opportunity to meet people of like minds who share similar interests with you, forge a stronger bond within your community, and it will do a lot of wonders for your mental and physical health. Sometimes, all the exercise you need to stay healthy and fit is a good walk, why then not walk to support the earth.

There are various volunteering opportunities, whether locally or nationally. This includes:

  • Planting Trees: This could be on a particular day set aside for tree planting or any day for that matter. Trees are very important to our ecosystem in many ways. They protect the soil against erosion, reduce pollution, clean the air of pollutants, produce oxygen, provide habitats for living organisms, provide cool and shade, and even reduce the rate of urban violence. With the rapid urbanisation, deforestation, and bush fires, we need trees more than ever. You can organise a tree planting party with friends and family or join one.
  • Organise and Join Clean-up: September 19 of every year is designated as world clean-up day, but you can always organise or join a clean-up anytime. This is something you can do with a few hours of your weekend, and you don’t have to take on a project that will be physically tasking if you don’t have the capacity. Clean-ups can be as simple as picking litters within your street and sorting them into recyclable and the ones that go into the waste disposal. Clean-ups are a good way to protect the environment from pollution and prevent waterways from becoming clogged with garbage. You can also organise or join a river clean-up to protect aquatic organisms.
  • Grow in the community garden: You can start a community garden or plant in one if your community already has. It is a great way to eat locally produced food and foster a strong bond within your community.

You can contact us to make enquiries about volunteering opportunities.