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We are a data source for all those who have an interest in researching the environment

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Environment Writer is a website dedicated to providing environmental writers, researchers, journalists, students, and all environmental enthusiasts with resources on environment and natural resources. We are a data source for all those who have an interest in researching the environment, and we provide up-to-date information and statistics on various environmental phenomena and occurrences. So, if you are looking for a data source that can be trusted, this website is the place to be.

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We are your trusted data source for environmental and natural resources research. We provide various journals, articles, publications, etc. that give detailed and reliable information about a different environment aspect. Our data is carefully curated and vetted before being published, so you can use them to back up your opinions without worrying about validity. We are that source you can quote.

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Environment Science Careers

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary and multidimensional academic field. 

This study integrates biological, physical, and information sciences to study the environment and proffer solutions to the different problems plaguing the environment today. A field of study with a long history and diverse career paths, it further incorporates social sciences to help with understanding the human factor in the environment.

Human policies, behaviours, perceptions, and relationships with the environment is a major factor for the state of the environment today; it has therefore become imperative for environmental scientists to try and comprehend this human factor because it is the single determinant that can determine the success or failure of any solution that is recommended.

Regardless of the career path that an environmental scientist may choose, they are all seeking to understand earth processes, control pollution, mitigate its effect, manage natural resources, find alternative energy systems, and deal with other environmental issues. We provide them with the resources needed to achieve this.

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A century ago, weather and climate were just ordinary geographical terms; today, the word climate has taken a much deeper meaning and has a new significance in our environment. This is largely due to global warming and climate change. Over the years, man’s actions and inactions regarding the environment have led to a drastic modification in the earth’s climate, there having adverse effects on life and natural resources. Global efforts are now in place to control these changes and conserve the limited resource left.


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Natural resources are an essential part of the environment and play a significant role in the sustenance of the earth. Sadly, these resources are being depleted and in tonnes all over the world despite the efforts of some individuals, organizations, and governments to conserve them. At Environment Writer, we care about nature and work towards its conservation.

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