We are a team of content curators that provide all environmental enthusiasts and researchers, from scientists, lawyers, students, journalists, and all other professionals interested in the environment with the necessary research resources to back up their publications and opinions. In an age where the relevance of the environment is becoming increasingly visible to everyone, finding solutions to environmental problems is a multidisciplinary approach and requires all the necessary research resources that will first help to identify the problem before the right solution can be proposed.

Our website also serves as an educational platform for those who have an interest in environmental issues. Given that whatever happens in the environment affects all of us, everyone should be interested in the environment and know their roles in ensuring the conservation and sustainability of natural resources.

Why Choose Us

In a world with multiple environmental problems, where we hear or experience the devastating effects of climate change daily, finding solutions is more critical than ever. The only way to find solutions is through research, and for proper and adequate research, you need a platform where you can get all the resources you need. That website is Environment Writer, and it stands out for the following reasons:

Carefully Curated Content

It is usually said that information is as strong as its source; this is very true when research or fact-based writing is concerned. This is why all the resources on our website undergo several processes before they are finally published. Our team includes fact-checkers, writers, and editors who work to ensure only the best resources get you. Our writers are seasoned professionals with experience in academic and journalistic writing, so each newsletter is carefully constructed to educate and inform you without boring you. Every resource, be it journals, articles, etc. on our website, is checked for validity and facts and properly edited before publication.

Comprehensive Database

Finding all the resources you need for research in one place is another advantage you get with our website. Usually, when people say they want to research, almost one-third of the time is spent opening different web pages, walking through different shelves in the library to find the one that is relevant to their thesis. With our website, you can say goodbye to all of that stress because you will find all you need in one place. No more spending hours just to find the right information; we are a compendium of all the right information.


With the advent of the internet, some tasks that were once difficult to perform became more convenient and faster. Our website leverages this to create a platform where all information related to the environment can be conveniently accessed. Wherever you are, whatever the time, with an internet-enabled device, you can get the information you really need. We also make environmental education and awareness easier and more accessible even to people with only secondary interest in the environment. While it is intended mainly for journalists, all those with a passion for environmental improvement can greatly benefit.